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Truth or Dare: TeamTEENauthor Challenge

Yeah, that’s right. I’m entering a Truth or Dare challenge initiated by the lovely Julie Cross, author of the fantastic TEMPEST. In order to kick-start her blog rebirth, Julie’s challenging her teamTEENauthor friends to create an identical Truth or Dare post and let their readers pick the truths or dares we are to answer/perform. To complete a dare, the author must provide photographic or video footage proof of performing said DARE. In the case of a “DARE FAIL” the author will post the photo shown below on their blog for no less than one week regardless of whether it matches the blog's color scheme.

This post is the one where I answer commonly asked truth or dare questions —provided by Google— and then any reader brave enough to reveal a truth about themselves, can then challenge me to answer another truth or perform a dare. You can read Julie’s post here and find out more about TEMPEST.

So here it goes:


1) If your significant other said it was all right, would you cheat on them?

Um — hell to the no. Truth is, I’m a jealous person. Which means if the hubby were making this offer to me, I would assume it’s because he wants to do the same. In which case, we’d be in for some serious trouble.

2) What is there about your boyfriend/girlfriend (spouse) that embarrasses you?

My hubby is a guy-guy, aka not a single metrosexual impulse in his entire body. This also means he has no sense of color coordination when it comes to clothes. He simply just doesn’t care (which is fine by me, BTW). Fortunately, his lack of clothes coordination ability is rarely a source of embarrassment for me, because if he tries to wear a red shirt with green cargo pants, I send him back to the closet to change.

3) What is more important than money?

Family. Period. Always.

4) When have you loved someone who has not loved you back?

This has not happened to me, not genuinely. There have been plenty of people I’ve been attracted to who weren’t attracted back, and vice versa, but that’s definitely not love.

5) When was the first time you had your heart broken?

The day one of our dogs, a Siberian Husky named Nikita, got loose from the background and struck by a car. I was maybe 10 or so. I shut myself up in my closet for several hours and cried and cried and cried.

6) When is it all right to mix love and business?

Um, always — at least when you’re a writer. I LOVE writing and telling stories, but it’s definitely a business at the same time. And I’m cool with that.

7) If you were given a chance to become invisible for one day, what would you do with this ability

Spy on either Nathan Fillion or Viggo Mortensen. I’d just follow one of them around for a day. Why you say? Just to see what they’re like in real person. They both seem so cool to me. Nathan, because he’s funny and a screwball and just looks like a blast. Viggo because he’s a “guy-guy” who likes to ride horses and be outdoors, but he also enjoys poetry and reading. It would be fun to confirm their coolness.

8) If you could see 24 hours into the future what would you do with this ability

I would be seriously tempted to bet on some kind of sport event. Then again, I would probably chicken out. I’ve seen Back to the Future waaaaaay too many times to fall into that trap.

9) Who was your first crush with?

Oh my, this one is going to be so funny and obscure, I’m afraid you won’t believe it. The true answer? Heath Barkley from the very-old western TV show, The Big Valley, as played by Lee Majors. Heath was the quintessential rebel and an outcast cowboy. And he had the cutest way of raising just one eyebrow. Oh and I was in like the 4th grade, so there you go.

10) When is it all right for your boyfriend/girlfriend to lie to you?

Whenever I ask his opinion on how I look. Sorry, I’m vane that way. Can’t help it. And when you’ve had two kids, you need all the vanity perks you can get.

11) If you were the opposite sex for one day, what would you look like and what would you do?
I would probably look a bit like Scott Caan, on the short side but stout. As far as what I would do? Spend the day eating pizza and drinking beer and not worrying about burning those calories off later.

Wanna Join the Game?

So you want to play in my game? Here’s what you do: answer one of the above truth questions in the comment section. Then it’s your turn to ask me a truth…or offer a DARE.

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  1. 2) My husband likes to wear moccasins like they're tennis shoes. And he pairs them with shorts and his socks pulled up mid calf. It's an insult to me, since I have a degree in fashion design and have told him it's hideous, yet he claims he is his own person and can wear whatever he wants.

    TRUTH: Have you ever told someone you liked their book when you actually didn't (and what was the reason why)?


    DARE: Picture of yourself in a department store/mall window hugging a stand-up mannequin.


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