Thursday, March 29, 2012

Glossary of Character Reactions

One of the things you hear most often from other writers who are going through the editing process is that they have a tendency to use the same character reactions over and over again. This is definitely true of me and my process with The Nightmare Affair. Mostly, the times that I do this is during scenes with a lot of dialogue. My characters tend to do a lot of nodding, shrugging, and glaring.

I think the primary reason why I tend to overuse these reactions is because they're quick and easy. Rather than slow down and picture my characters acting out these scenes, I sometimes skate along, focused completely on the dialogue and not on what they're doing. This is definitely a sign of lazy writing, and something I'm consciously working to improve.

However, sometimes - a lot of times, really - you need to have those character reactions in there. The characters are always the most important element in a story. What they're feeling/thinking/doing is what gives the story the life it needs to keep readers engaged.

Given that, I've decided to create a Glossary of Character Reactions. This is definitely just for fun and not something I plan on using as a crutch (and neither should you). I almost feel like a cheat doing it at all. But writing is a collaborative process, and anybody who tells you differently either needs an ego-check or they've never worked with a serious critique partner, agent, or editor yet. Also, I intend this to be a brain-jogger. Sometimes when I'm revising/editing, my brain gets tired and this list can be a way to get the juices flowing again. Also, I have a feeling it might give us a few laughs, too.

So below you'll see the list I've comprised so far. My challenge to you, dear readers and friends, is to help me expand the list by adding your own favorite character reactions as well as a couple of new ones in the comments. Then in a couple of days, I'll add everybody's suggestions into a master list and do a new blog post. Sound fun? I hope so. At the very least we can all bond over how dependent we all are on our haracters reactions (she said with a shrug).

1. blinked

2. blushed

3. flushed

4. glanced

5. glared

6. glowered

7. grinned

8. looked

9. nodded

10. scowled

11. shrugged

12. sighed

13. smiled

14. sneered

15. trembled

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  1. snicker, snort, groan, eyeroll, head tilt, eyebrow tilt, lip biting, fidget

    This is fun XD

  2. "chuckled" is my favorite, overused word. Also: huffed, squealed, scoffed, grumbled, guffawed, giggled, squeaked, squawked, mumbled, flushed, eyes widened, looked pointedly.

    Lori's right. This IS fun!

  3. One I've been seeing a lot lately is "blew out a breath." It really irritates for some reason. I honestly don't know why but it just sounds awkward to me or something.

  4. Yes! You did it! This is awesome. I don't think it's a cheat--maybe, like you said, a helpful tool if you're brain's a bit too tired.

    Shifts, skates, locks (As in, "His gaze shifts/skates/locks on/across hers")

    Narrowed (eyes), stares, whirls, turns, doubles back, grits (teeth), clenches (jaw), folds/crosses (arms), swallows, runs (a hand through his/her hair), gazes, beams, focuses, takes in, grins, laughs, whispers, whines, mutters, grumbles,

    Movement: Steps back, steps forward, steps closer, etc.

    *The body parts in parenthesis are just a noun placed there so the action makes sense. :P

    Expect me to add more throughout the day! :) Love this!


  5. "Looked" and "smiled" are the two that I will always insist the writer replace with something stronger.


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