Friday, April 27, 2012

Write Bravely

So this is an old post, but I feel like sharing it again. It might even become an annual thing. Enjoy!

The annual Kentucky Rolex Three Day Event is happening right now in Lexington. It’s four days of the toughest, scariest horseback riding in the United States. But these horses and riders face jump like this:
And this:

Without fear. With the determination that they will get over and move on to the next.
As writers, we need to be the same way. Sending out your work to critique partners, beta readers, and eventually agents and editors is scary, scary business. But you’ve got to face it bravely and head on, determined to get past one hurdle and move on to the next. What have you got to lose?
Oh, and don't go looking for me on the interwebs tomorrow. I'll be in Kentucky, watching it live.
Happy Writing!
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