Friday, April 1, 2011

Epic Follower Blog Contest

Okay guys, this is my first attempt at a twitter-sized pitch. Here goes nothing!

Title: Dusty Everhart and the Nightmare
Genre: YA contemporary  fantasy
Word Count: 77,500

16-yr-old Dusty is a Nightmare who must identify a murderer at her magical high school by following clues in her crush’s dreams.


I'm guessing we're allowed to edit as we get feedback? I'm hoping so. Here's a second option, although I'm not sure I like it better. Gosh, this is so hard/fun/challenging:

16-yr-old Dusty is a Nightmare who derives her power from other’s dreams. Now she must find a killer through clues in her crush’s dreams.

And because it's Furry Friday, here's a cute kitty pic to get us through the weekend:


  1. YAY! How exciting :D I'm not sure how you can make this clearer b/c I'm reading the manuscript so this makes perfect sense to me. I think you could probably remove the mention of a magical high school in favor of clarity about either what a Nightmare is or why she's the one who needs to identify the murderer.

    But idk LOL. Good luck!

  2. I am curious as to what a Nightmare is, but very intriguing.

  3. I like it! Having a Nightmare as a character is unique!

  4. Thanks so much. And that's a great idea Lori. I'm totally going to revise.

  5. Very good pitch and the revisions make it pop more. Personally, not knowing what a Nightmare is makes me want to read more. Excellent plot and tension, all within 140 characters. Good luck!

  6. at first i was confused because i didn't know what a nightmare was, but after a couple of reads i put it together (i also just started my coffee and am not at my sharpest yet heh)

    maybe the second line could be altered a bit to avoid repetition :

    now she must invade her crushes dreams to stop a murder....


    Dusty hoped to be in her crushes dreams not invading them with her powers looking for clues to a murder

    i look forward to hearing more about your story!
    douglas esper

  7. I agree with Lori simply about giving a hint as to what a Nightmare is, though getting her powers from other's derams sounds very cool! Good luck!


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