Friday, March 25, 2011

Furry Friday - Write Every Stride

Almost everybody involved in the horse world has heard the term “ride every stride.” It’s a fundamental principle when it comes to riding, especially when we’re talking about competition. The expression means pretty much what it says — you’ve got focus on each and every stride the horse takes. Make each one count. Pay attention. Don’t just sit back and coast and let the horse go on autopilot. It’s important especially if when you’re facing obstacles as challenging as this:

Same is true for writing. We’ve got to write every word. Make every word count. Every scene must matter. Pay attention to what you’re writing, or reading when it comes to revising. Don’t let a single word pass by your notice. If you make each writing stride count, you’re more likely to get past the big hurdles of finding an agent, pitching a book, publishing it, and staying published. It’s all the steps you take before that get you there.

Happy Writing (and riding, too)!

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  1. Very good advice. I have to remind myself that just because there is no kissing or fighting in some of my scenes, they are still important.

    *sidenote* I just saw the last furry Friday and DIED!! Those puppies are adorable!!....needlesss to say squealing insued.


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