Saturday, May 21, 2011

Aren’t You Glad the World Didn’t End?

So I’m sure everybody has heard all the stuff about today being the rapture and whatnot. When it comes to my position on the issue, I’m in complete agreement with Jodi Meadows (you can read her op here).

Of course I’m not saying that I didn’t indulge in a little bit of amusement at the idea that the world as we know it would come to an end today, but it wasn’t much. And here’s the reason.

I understand the fear that motivates people to believe these things and act this way.

I understand fear a lot, because I’ve spent a lot of my life conquering my own fears or at least facing them. It’s one of my favorite things to do — like the first time I stepped into a boxing ring knowing that the person in the other corner really wanted to punch me. A lot (and for the record, she most certainly did).

 I think one of the reasons why I like facing my fears so much is because I get to be afraid while doing it. Sounds weird, right? But it’s true. Being afraid can be a lot of fun, almost addictive even. This love of fear may be one of the reasons why most of my published short stories are in the horror genre. Because fear is fun.

But being afraid all the time is no way to live. Worrying about THE END OF ALL THINGS is definitely no way to live. Instead, for me, I’ve spent a good portion of today thinking about all the reasons why I’m really happy the world didn’t end. Like the fact that it was warm and sunny, and that I got to spend time with my family. I got to ride my horses, and I’m going to spend some quiet time reading in a little bit and then doing some research for my next writing project (ironically enough, a YA horror). Nothing particularly special or amazing happened today, but it was still a good one. And I’m glad to know that tomorrow’s forecast is probably more of the same.

Happy writing.

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