Friday, March 11, 2011

Furry Friday Presents: A Puppy Princess Fairytale

That's right folks, it's once again that time of the week when I showcase cute, beautiful, and/or funny photos of some of my favorite four-legged friends.

For today’s post, I present for you a Puppy Princess Fairy Tale.

Once up on a time, there was a puppy princess by the name of Pippa who spent her days lounging in her favorite place, a half-empty Diet Coke cardboard box.

Until one day when another princess from a neighboring puppydom spotted Princess Pippa so cozy and happy in her favorite box. I would like to lounge there,” thought Princess Emma, but how do I get Pippa to move?

After careful consideration, Princess Emma decided subterfuge would be best, knowing as she did that Princess Pippa would never suspect so long as Emma acted sweet and friendly, offering her fellow princess a welcoming kiss.  

At once, Pippa invited Emma to share her Diet Coke cardboard box. “There is plenty of room for us both,” Pippa said. And so Emma joined her, although she still wanted the box for herself.

Emma waited until Pippa began to relax once more, drifting off into a sleep. Time to make my move, Emma thought.

Emma attacked! But Pippa was not so easily overcome. She fought back, and the two puppy princesses engaged in a mighty battle. Until…

Finally, Pippa knew all was lost, and she abandoned her favorite lounging box. Emma took her place, happy and victorious.

The End


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