Monday, March 7, 2011

Patience + Writing = Revision Success

The following lyrics are from a long forgotten song called Patience off a long forgotten children's record known as The Music Machine:

“Have patience,
Have patience,
Don’t be in such a hurry.
When you-get
You only start to worry…”

Yeah, this is soooooo not my theme song. I mean not even a little bit.

I am hands-down the most impatient person I know (well, next to my mother that is). I’m so impatient I even get annoyed with myself when I’m taking too long doing something -- especially when trying to complete a WIP (complete = in submission). Sometimes it’s like there’s this voice whispering in the back of my mind that every minute I don’t spend writing is a missed opportunity -- somebody else’s ship coming into port that should’ve been mine.

But I’m slowly getting better at ignoring that voice. Because you know what? Patience really is a virtue -- a vital one. Particularly when it comes to writing. This is the first time I’ve successfully restrained myself from entering into revisions right after finishing the first draft of a novel. I’ve managed to go four weeks already, with at least another more to go. To my delight, I’m finding that I’m actually starting to get excited to do revisions. It’s weird. Usually I look at revisions with the same, resigned attitude I would have at building a deck or painting a room -- it’ll be hard work, but totally worth it when it’s over. Not anymore, baby. In fact I’ve got a feeling that this revision might be as much fun as the initial drafting. And that, my friends, is a very good thing. It may be a cliché but it’s true -- patience is its own reward.

For those of you interested in a bit of nostalgia, you can listen to the entire song here:

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